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The above video is of Brazil’s third goal, one that could be described along the same lines as a Mortal Kombat fatality move. In their 3-0 win against an all-of-a-sudden impotent American team, Brazil was their normally-brilliant selves, while controlling just about every aspect of the game. As I was watching bits and pieces of the game (thanks, ESPN 360), I was struck by just how uneven these teams were. During the parts I saw, the Brazilians completely controlled the ball, as well as the flow of the game. Sure, Team USA had a couple of late shots hit the post, but by then, it was entirely too little, too late.

The game also ended the failure that was Team USA’s trip the Confederations Cup. In two games, they gave up six goals, while scoring only one. Not only that, but this year’s trip to South Africa could very well serve as a precursor of what Team USA can expect at next summer’s World Cup. Yes, there is talent on their roster (Donovan, Dempsey, Howard, among others), but it pales in comparison to the Spains, Brazils and Italys of the world.

By a wide margin.