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Jenn StergerYes, the Golden Fleece of the sports blog world–better known as the Mitchell Report–was revealed to the world last night and needless to say, there was a truck-load’s worth of reaction. Today’s Link Dump Round-up focuses on some of the more entertaining posts that came from the Mitchell Report… and Jenn Sterger, because you can never have enough of FSU’s chosen one; although, after UK puts a whoopin’ on her Seminoles at the Music City Bowl, she may not want to be associated with us. ;)

On with the links.

The fabulous foursome at Babes Love Baseball have an awesome Christmas poem commemorating yesterday’s Mitchell Report fun. The poem is done to the tune of Twas the Night Before Christmas and like any good baseball fan should, these ladies knock it out of the park.

The fellas at Fire Joe Morgan don’t seem to agree with John Kruk’s take on whether or not the names in the Mitchell Report are, in fact, guilty of taking steroids.

Awful Announcing has a good video of David Justice defending himself against the allegations revealed yesterday. Is ignorance a plausible defense?

Did Roger Clemens actually deny anything? East Coast Bias doesn’t think so.

Jose Canseco is a tool who is using A-Rod’s name to stay relevant. Canseco didn’t have anything on him in his first book and now he’s trying to promote his follow-up on the back of Alex Rodriguez’s name. Just STHU, will you please?

JoeSportsFan is wondering just how helpful steroids are.

Of course, Orson Swindle at EDSBS, the premiere college football blog, couldn’t let all this Mitchell Report news go unanswered. Here’s what they learned from it.

That’s it for the Mitchell Report link dump, but there is more reading to be done.

Jenn Sterger is interviewed by Epic Carnival, which is a good excuse to show pictures of her here. Nicely done, fellow Carnies.

And from the self-serving files, the University of Kentucky signed AD Mitch Barnhart to a five-year extension, which should be great news to any Wildcat fans’ ears. Barnhart has done a great job of replacing the old guard, who seemed to care more about their tickets-for-cars program instead of bringing UK into the 21st century. The extension pays him $475,000 a year, with incentives.