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Bobby KieltyWell, the week after the Super Bowl did provide us with some great reading fodder, including making friends on MySpace and about Roger Clemens’ wife potential penchant for HGH. In other words, another business-as-usual week in this incredible wide-world of sports we inhabit.

Here is some good reading material if you like taking your laptop into the bathroom with you… Or if you need to further populate your RSS reader. Enjoy:

- Bobby Kielty likes MySpace. And Babes. (Babes Love Baseball)

- We’ve got a name for the David Tyree catch (KSK)

- Is Europe going after MLS players? (The Offside)

- Sylvia Hatchell, UNC’s Women’s B-Ball Coach, likes to party after victories (SbB)

- High school swimming coach busted for child porn, bad facial hair choices (Kokomo Tribune)

- Emmit Smith washed a big dish (Awful Announcing)

- Roger Clemens’ WIFE??????? (Epic Carnival)

- Hillary’s baseball card. Is that Morganna Roberts? (Lion in Oil)

- John Brady = GONE. (KSR)

- Pedro watches cocks. Fight. (BLB)

OK, if that’s not enough reading material, let me know and I’ll empty my Google Reader into your lap. Enjoy the weekend.