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Now, before I get blasted, I’m not a NASCAR fan. I’m aware of the competition and of course, some of the personalities. In fact, it’s safe to say my NASCAR knowledge doesn’t extend much past the “I know Jimmy Johnson is pretty damn awesome at what he does. His wife’s hot, too.” Outside of that, besides names like Stewart, Earnhart, and Gordon, I’m a NASCAR know-nothing.

I do, however, know bad form when I see it, and thanks to some petty back-and-forth-ing from Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski, we have some bad form from two stock car drivers who can’t or won’t let their differences go. From what I’ve read, there’s a history between these two and that’s all fine and good. What’s not fine and good however, is using such a powerful vehicle to get some sort of payback against the offending driver.

Perhaps I’m wrong.

Perhaps it is good form using a vehicle weighing over 3000 pounds and is capable of speeds in excess of 200 MPH, to do make a point or get some payback when you’re feeling wronged. What the hell happened to smacking each other around in pit row? Seems a lot safer and the repercussions are nowhere near as expensive. Of course, what does a city-slicker like me know? Apparently, when it comes to some NASCAR-flavored payback, not much. That being said, using your car as a weapon — or a tool to carry out your mission of revenge — is incredibly suspect.

Try doing that on the way to work tomorrow when somebody cuts you off. I doubt a dented car would be the least of your worries.