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Brg Brown

What can Brown do for me? How about winning the Triple Crown for starters. Is that too much of a request, considering just how common of an occurrence it really is? In other words, yep, there’s one more horse race for you to pay attention and then the industry goes back on the shelf until May 2, 2009 — at least in the eyes of the sporting world; unless, of course, you like to play the ponies.

If that’s the case, carry on, sir/ma’am.

For the rest of us, horse racing only means something A. when it’s the Kentucky Derby and B. if there’s a Triple Crown storyline to follow. This year, like the last few years before us, we do, in fact, have another horse with Triple Crown aspirations. So, is this the year the string gets broken or will Brown fail during the 1.5-mile Belmont; a distance that can tire the strongest horses?

If Vegas is your guide, then yes, it does look like we’ll have our first Triple Crown winner in 30 years. It also doesn’t hurt your chances when the horse with the perceived best chance to beat you — Casino Drive — bruises his heel. Because I’m no horse-racing expert, I can only give you my hunch. Considering the time between capturing all three titles, I wouldn’t be surprised if Big Brown actually did lose the Belmont. However, I’m also inclined to agree with trainer Rick Dutrow, Jr:

If Big Brown gets the lead, especially down the stretch, it’s hard to see any of the other horses catching him. The one question I do have has to do with Big Brown’s inside position. He’s drawn the number 1 slot, meaning he’ll be up against the fence. Can the other jockeys box the favorite in and block his path to history? Will they if they can? We’ll find out Saturday.

Anyway, here are the post positions along with the odds related to the horse, compiled by Vegas Watch:

(1) Big Brown, 2/5
(2) Guadalcanal, 40/1
(3) Macho Again, 30/1
(4) Dennis of Cork, 10/1
(5) Casino Drive, 10/3
(6) Da’ Tara, 33/1
(7) Tale Of Ekati, 16/1
(8) Anak Nakal, 33/1
(9) Ready’s Echo, 40/1
(10) Icabad Crane, 35/1

One more thing, does Big Brown’s previous steroid use concern you?