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KickballMy memories of kickball don’t go much past my elementary school days, although I’ve been in the occasional barbecue game. However, much to my chagrin there’s a very active adult league going and apparently, there isn’t much messing around when it comes to the players AND the crowd. Steady Burn has much, much more:

On Sunday in Tampa, two fights broke out amongst as many as 100 people during a women’s kickball league game – one right after the other had been calmed by police.

People at the scene told the police that the fight had nothing to do with the kickball game, and it started because of an argument over a video on YouTube.

This comes on the heels of the guy being arrested in Macy’s for carrying an actual rusty scabbard because his kickball league liked to dress a pirates for their games. Pirates playing kickball. Can you say “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story?”

I’m thinking someone should start a kickball league where the participants dress as ninjas so we can have pirates-versus-ninjas games.

That would just rule.