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One of the most satisfying plays in sports has to be a rousing dunk in a rivalry match-up. Just ask Senario Hillman of the Alabama Crimson Tide. During Saturday’s game with Auburn (said rivalry), Hillman provided some fireworks with a breakaway dunk over Auburn’s Lucas Hargrove. If you have any questions about how the dunk was received, just watch the crowd’s reaction.

Bama went on to win the game 97-77, which is worth of a Pwnage award in and of itself. However, it was Hillman’s abuse of Hargrove that wound up being the highlight of the game.

Bonus: the dunk was also in ESPN’s Top Plays of the Week.

Additional bonus: Lucas Hargrove is listed at 6-6. Hillman is 6-1, making his destruction of Hargrove all the more impressive.