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Being juked so bad it breaks your ankles is never a good thing. Just ask Kenoy Kennedy, safety for the Detroit Lions. Kennedy was one of the unlucky soles assigned to tackle the Minnesota Viking rookie sensation, Purple Jesus… I mean Adrian Peterson. Coming back from his two-game absence due to a knee injury, Peterson came out like he had something to prove.

Well, you can count Kenoy Kennedy as a believer. In the third quarter of the Detroit/Minnesota match-up, Peterson received the hand-off and ran towards the hole with a waiting Kennedy, ready to tackle the runaway rookie of the year, only to come up holding a lot of air and FieldTurf. AP put such a move on Detroit’s safety, faking right and then cutting back to the left, Kennedy essentially laid down while Minnesota’s savior glided right by him, heading for the end zone and his second touchdown of the day.

Peterson, who sat out once the game was decided, finished with 15 carries, 116 yards and two touchdowns. To say he is officially back is probably an understatement.

Unfortunately, embeddable video of the move is sparse pretty much non-existent unless you employ Save Flash. However, there are some highlight reels popping up around the Internet, including NFL.com. Of course, they also shy away from video embedding, so if you haven’t seen the move, head on over there and fast-forward to the 2:17 mark. You won’t be disappointed.

Congrats Kenoy, enjoy your award. Just think, if this were the NBA, you’d be appearing on posters everywhere in the Minnesota area.

Purple Jesus