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Besides a nasty looking cauliflower ear that happened to explode on national television, the debut of Kimbo Slice and the Elite XC brand of MMA came off with more of a fizzle instead of the the desired bang. The Internet sensation that is Kimbo Slice was exposed as what most MMA experts thought he was — a hard-punching brawler with no discernible ring/octagon skills. His grappling ability is suspect and if he can’t score with his haymakers, he’s just not very effective MMA fighter.

If it wasn’t for that cauliflower ear stoppage, the rise of the headliner of Elite XC’s stable — and Elite XC themselves — was almost stopped in its tracks. While he might be able to beat folks like you and me up, it looks like Kimbo is going to have his hands full when he goes against any MMA technician. Here’s a video of the final round of the Slice/Thompson fight.

Gus Johnson does not agree with the stoppage.

The Ultimate MMA Video Blog has much, much more on this fight and the related fallout. In the other headliner, American Gladiator Gina Carano handled her business by stopping Kaitlin Young after a competitive second round. Again, the need for the stoppage is being questioned. Here’s the entire fight if you interested in forming your own opinion.

While it looks like the ring-side doctor made the decision to stop the fight, it does look like Young could have continued the match. Did the Elite XC borrow a page from the NBA front-office playbook, ensuring the biggest, most recognizable names are victorious? ;)