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Sugar Shane Mosley

Sugar Shane Mosley shook up the “who is the best welterweight” designation some this weekend when he beat the hell out of Antonio Margarito, who, before the fight, was a 6-1 favorite over Mosley. In fact, because Margarito beat Miguel Cotto in his prior fight (Mosley lost to Cotto in November, 2007), the thinking was the fight was a coming out party for Margarito. Unfortunately for him, Sugar Shane apparently didn’t get that memo. The fight took place in the Staples Center in LA as the biggest crowd ever in that arena–a notably pro Margarito crowd–watched Mosley completely dismantle the favorite in a brutally efficient manner.

There’s video of the knockout, so get it while its hot:

I doubt HBO will allow this to stay up for long, so enjoy it while you can. I understand their point too. I mean, it’s hard to resell something when it’s on YouTube, and since they are evidently wanting to reshow the fight on a Pay-Per-View basis, I can understand why they’d want to be so damn protective over these highlights.

Sarcasm aside, what’s next for the resurgent Mosley? A fight with Floyd Mayweather?

Personally, I think Mosley has something other Mayweather challengers may have lacked in the past: hand speed. Yes, Mayweather is incredibly fast and uses his speed in way that makes him hard to hit. Just ask Oscar De La Hoya. Mosley, however, has the necessary tools to pressure Mayweather and he looks fast enough to actually land a punch or two, something other boxers struggle with when they fight Floyd.

Regardless of what Mosley does next, he deserves all the accolades he’s receiving after beating the tar out of Margarito last Saturday night.