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During last night’s pregame time killers, ESPN had Shelley Smith patrolling the court to provide some insight into what fans could expect from the game they were getting ready to watch. Apparently, the task got her pretty excited:

Nothing like flubbing your words on live TV. Everything’s fine with her delivery until she gets ten seconds into the bit and begins to get her tongue tied on the phrase, “hallway interactions.” Her frustrated reaction is quite keen because if you’ve ever been behind the microphone and you flub your lines, it doesn’t take long at all for frustration to rear its ugly head.

In her defense, however, she does recover nicely. Unfortunately for her, it was a live broadcast and there’s no way to edit her enunciation issues out.

For what it’s worth, I love her reaction when she beefs the line. That “Ahhh” combined with the hand shaking = good times.

H/T to NESW Sports for the find.