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To say PETA isn’t a fan of fallen Atlanta Falcons quarterback Mike Vick is a lot like saying Michael Jordan isn’t a Duke supporter. While those statements represent the facts, they don’t quite capture the spirit of and the depth of the emotions being discussed. Now, I’m not saying PETA hates Michael Vick, but they certainly won’t let an opportunity to poke some fun at the NFL’s newest fallen angel pass them by.

To celebrate the Christmas holidays and Vick’s recent sentencing hearing, the folks at PETA have developed a Michael Vick snow globe—in Flash, of course—that depicts him walking around the prison yard as armed guards and guard dogs look on. Joining the animated scenario is a bluesy soundtrack, dogs barking and the sounds of football commentator calling the action as it occurs.

Bonus: the globe can be shaken up, bouncing Vick around the yard as the crowd roars its approval. All-in-all, a rare comical moment in PETA’s history, who, before these globes were launched, were best known for their “I’d Rather Go Naked” campaign targeting the fur industry (thank you so much for the Eva Mendes version).

Here’s a pic of PETA’s holiday spirit, come to life:

Snow Globe

PETA also has snow globes celebrating the Olsen Twins, Colonel Sanders, Dick Cheney, Kate Moss and Anna Wintour.

Hat-tip to CowboyJoe for pointing this out at Yardbarker.