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Gina Carano

After the failure of Kimbo Slice –beaten by this guy — EliteXC is trying to spin their sport in a positive; but after putting so much stock in their backyard brawler, the MMA company is threatening to fold like a house of cards, or worse, like losing their relevancy.

When ringside announcers are asking the public to give EliteXC’s “headline talent” a mulligan for a pathetic-but-it’s-all-good performance, the emperor’s lack of clothing becomes more and more obvious.

But EliteXC does have a saving grace, or in this case, a saving Gina, provided they are willing to change their promotion strategy. Instead of focusing on Internet phenomenons who can’t transition from brawler to seasoned MMA veteran, perhaps they should focus their efforts into turning Gina Carano into the Danica Patrick of MMA. Like her racing counterpart, Carano is an attractive option who might actually be better in her sport than Patrick is at open-wheel racing.

I mean, she’s willing to get naked to make her weight. What’s not to like? Oh, she can also hold her own in the ring, something the face of EliteXC can’t quite comprehend. Here’s the video of her fight against Kelly Kobold.

Granted, making Carano the face of EliteXC probably won’t give them the clout to knock UFC from the top of the mountain, but I’d rather promote my talent — especially when it’s as attractive as Carano — instead of wasting time and money to promote YouTube legends.

If Carano beats Cris Cyborg, EliteXC would be foolish for not pushing her to the front and center of their company.