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This little “female fighter choking out a male host” meme is proving to be an effective way to market upcoming MMA brawls, much like the Gina Carano/Cris Cyborg fight which takes place on August 15. The buzz surrounding Carano/Cyborg is growing exponentially, thanks in large part to the “choking out” videos popping up here, there, and everywhere. It started when Cyborg choked out Aaron Tru of MMAWorldwide.com.

Not to be outdone, now we have the Carano’s appearance on Sports Science. During her segment, Carano displays her punching and kicking power on their ballistically-gelled dummy. Needless to say, she can hit. Hard, too. However, when she demonstrates her choke-out technique on the host, he goes down like a rag doll, all while being cradled in Gina’s wonderful body.

Not a bad way to go to sleep, if you ask me.

Granted, Carano’s environment was controlled, while Cyborg’s choke-out seemed a little unexpected, especially to the host. Regardless, these appearances have helped generate buzz for their upcoming bout. I don’t know, maybe they’ve stumbled on a way to market a fight without having to rely on contrived weigh-ins and press conference shenanigans. Whatever the case, it’s got my interest meter working — if, for nothing else, the idea of being cradled by Gina Carano in such a manner is just so damn hot.