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This video is going around the blogosphere and normally, I try not to pile on, but when something this great comes along, you have to join in the fun. What we have here is a video from a “dunk contest” from Spike’s failed attempt to merge the worlds of trampolines, hockey, and basketball: Slamball.

While the dunk being performed is kinda interesting, as is listening to Sacramento Kings coach Reggie Theus’ commentary—”It’s just SICK”—the true gem of this video comes around the 20 second mark when the “sideline reporter” asks Darius Miles what he thought of the dunk… and his response may be the best thing I’ve ever seen anywhere. Ever.

If anyone can figure out what he’s saying OR is trying to say, you may have a job working as a universal translator; something that will undoubtedly come in handy when we encounter new life during our ongoing mission of exploring strange, new worlds.

Hat-tip to Can’t Stop the Bleeding for pointing this out.