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Tom Brady’s Ex Talks Brady, Bündchen, and Baby

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I still get a little ticked at Tom Brady, who left then girlfriend Bridget Moynahan when he found out she was pregnant. Yeah, sure, he went to the arms of Gisele Bündchen (because you know he just has to date supermodels) and they are happy, but I get a little irritated on Moynahan’s behalf. I mean, seriously, he leaves her when she’s pregnant?

Besides all that, Bündchen said a few ooops about Moynahan and Brady’s kid, namely that he was “100 percent her child” regardless of the fact that Moynahan’s the one that actually gave birth to him. I don’t think the comment itself is that bad (because she probably just meant she really loves the kid) but yakking about her step-child to Vanity Fair? Bad form.

Moynahan has remained mum on the subject of Brady and Bündchen, but does reveal now that it was really difficult when she was giving birth, knowing that Brady wasn’t going to stick around and see her through the whole thing. She said he was there at the birth but “certainly wasn’t holding my hand while I pushed.”

Still, she’s remained classy about this whole relationship mess, saying she’s glad her son is loved by so many people. She says, “My son has two loving parents and an extended family, whether it’s cousins or stepmothers or boyfriends. My son is surrounded by love.”

One thing that amazes me is that Brady hasn’t let any of it affect his game. Either he’s managed to block it out or he’s just that good.

Take Me To St. Jetersburg

Have you seen the 30,000 square foot home that Derek Jeter just built in Tampa, Florida? Folks in the area are calling it the “House That Derek Jeter Built” or even “St. Jetersburg” because it is the “biggest home in Hillsborough County.” Heck, it’s one of the biggest homes in any county.

The house has seven – count ‘em – seven bedrooms. So if you want to visit Mr. Jeter, I’m sure he’d be happy to let you stay in an extra room. (Or not. Probably not.)

The place also has nine bathrooms, which makes me wonder…. only seven bedrooms but nine bathrooms? Wouldn’t you normally have equal to or lesser than the number of bedrooms? Who is using all these bathrooms? Apparently he has a lot of company over that need to use the facilities.

Like the smart celeb he is, Jeter also bought the adjacent homes. (It’s that whole celeb thing where people who aren’t celebs may try to go to the adjacent house and take pictures. Not that that’s why I do, but some people have problems like that.)

I tried to think of a good housewarming present, and really the only thing I could come up with a bunch of toilet paper to go in those nine bathrooms.

Where Are The Carmelo Anthony Jerseys?

Knicks Store
While the world has finally been spared from the incessant “Where’s Carmelo going” talk, one has to wonder where are all the Knicks jerseys featuring Anthony’s name and number? Currently, and granted, this will change drastically by tomorrow (or tonight, even), there’s absolutely nothing about the Carmelo Anthony trade anywhere on the official site for the Knicks, nor at their online store, either. The reason this is met with some surprise when you compare the NBA’s reaction time to the NFL’s — that is, an hour in relation to Brett Favre being traded to the New York Jets — the lack of Anthony jerseys is somewhat surprising.

Maybe the Knicks organization doesn’t want to believe the news is true.

One thing there isn’t a lack of, however, is an avalanche of analysis concerning the Carmelo-to-the-Knicks trade, something the Google News timeline demonstrates quite nicely:

More on Carmelo’s trade after the jump >>

Booby Knight Called The KU Game, Apparently

Booby Knight
Thank god for high definition television broadcasts; although, the twin peaks behind Bobby Knight’s head would’ve been noticeable even if they were in black and white. This little gem of a picture was seen during the Kansas/Oklahoma State beatdown. After the glorious low-cut Kansas shirt was observed, the first instinct was to take a screenshot, but then you realized 30 FPS was on it, and so you can just sit back and enjoy the view.

More on the Jayhawks after the jump >>

2011 Philadelphia Phillies Season Preview

The phrase, “Expectations Have Never Been Higher” is starting to become cliché around these parts.

The season that culminated in the Philadelphia Phillies World Series Championship in 2008 was magical. Cole Hamels was rock steady. Brad Lidge pitched the closer role with the precision of a diamond cutter. The offensive explosion was thunderous. Millions of fans showed up at the parade in Philadelphia to celebrate a brutally long championship drought.

2009 saw the Philadelphia Phillies first flirtation with Roy Halladay, only to scoop up Cliff Lee at the deadline instead. From there, the Phillies sailed into their second World Series in as many years. Though Brad Lidge plummeted back to earth with a resounding thud that year, along with most of the rest of the bullpen, those expectations were a second-in-a-row World Series Championship. It was not to be as the New York Yankees played strong, the Phillies suffered a power-outage (except for Chase Utley), and it didn’t happen the way the Phillies’ fans nor the organization expected. Adding insult to injury, Cliff Lee was allowed to depart Philadelphia after that season over the agonizing screams of fans everywhere.

2011 Philadelphia Phillies Predictions after the jump >>

Brett Keisel Shaves Beard for Charity

Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel promised he would shave his beard after the season ended, and he’s holding up his end of the bargain. Keisel has had some fun with his trademark bushy beard, and even talked about it during media week before the Super Bowl.

He’s had plenty of PR mileage from the beard, which he called his “beautiful thing” and even joked (at least we think he was joking) about the beard having magic powers. Keisel isn’t just yakking about his beard for nothing. He’s raising money to help in the fight against children’s cancer, by selling tickets to a “Shear the beard with Brett Keisel” event which will be held at the Diesel Club Lounge in Pittsburgh on February 24th.

Here’s what he looked like before all that facial hair, incidentally:

Looks like a totally different, guy, doesn’t he? If you want to get a piece of that magical beard, tickets are $25, and before and after photos will be available for purchase. What’s more, you can also purchase a lock of that scraggly beard, which probably has so many food particles in it by now that it could feed a family of four.

Good for Keisel for raising money for charity over this whole thing!

Girl Fight!

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be filled with love and happiness, but for two women’s basketball teams, it prompted a good old-fashioned hair pulling, kicking, screaming, girl fight.

Actually, it was just a coincidence that the fight occurred on Valentine’s Day. Nine players total were suspended from Maryland-Eastern Shore and Bethune-Cookman schools. What happened was this: Bethune-Cookman (B-CU) left by 11 points with 16:22 left. B-CU’s Cleniece Roberts reportedly “committed a clean foul on Maryland’s LaKendra Wilkerson. Then the players got tangled.”

Once that happened all bets were off. The benches cleared, and frustrations were let loose with slapping, hitting, kicking and whatever else. Some blood was even shed before security, police, and even the athletic staff tried to pull everyone apart and stop the madness. Despite this, no major injuries occurred.

Both schools issued statements talking “how unfortunate” the whole thing was, and the conference is now working to try and reschedule this game. (Which really should be a sellout after all this).

A multitude of suspensions have come down, so all the girls’ wrists have been sufficiently slapped. I think this just goes to show that girls are just as passionate about sports and winning as the guys are. And good for them! (Well, not the fighting but the passion. Keep the play clean, ladies!)

2011 National League West Preview

Can the Giants Repeat?Arizona Diamondbacks
Strengths: While the Diamondbacks welcome back the power numbers of 1B Adam LaRoche (25 HR, 100 RBI) and OF Chris Young (27 HR, 91 RBI), they will need to improve their sub .265 AVGs. Closer J.J. Putz is a great addition to the bullpen, and SP Armando Galarraga, along with youngster SP Daniel Hudson, look to improve a starting rotation that struggled last year.

Weaknesses: 3B Mark Reynolds is gone. He took with him his 32 HRs from last season but also a .198 AVG. Veteran Melvin Mora will try to fill Reynolds’s shoes, but his career has been in decline for a few years now. This young team needs a leader and will remain at the bottom of the NL until someone emerges.

Analysis: Manager Kirk Gibson will begin his first year as a manager and will need to take control from the start. It’s going to be another long year in Arizona for a team that has a lot of talent but are not too sure how to use it.

Prediction: 5th in NL West

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