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Those are the prophetically true words of Asafa Powell after the Jamaican Sprint team shattered the 4×100 world record — a feat we lucky Americans won’t get to see until tonight.

With no American’s in the field, the Jamaican team, led by Powell and Usain “Inhuman” Bolt, finished in 37.10, erasing the World Record — one that had stood since 1992 — as well as Carl Lewis’ last entry in those books. For Bolt, it’s three races, three records and while it doesn’t look like he’ll run any more races, I’d still like to see Bolt in the 4×400.

There’s no such thing as too much Bolt in my opinion, even if I have to wait until “PRIME TIME” viewing hours to see it.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the Phelps eight seems like it’s been forgotten — except when his sex life is involved (um, how about an “EWW” to the over-airbrushed Amanda Beard.) — even by NBC. It’s safe to say the Bolt of Supernova provided by the Jamaican sprinter with tons of charisma is the cause.

While the IOC president frowns upon his actions — and ignores the tons of stories about age issues, pathetic judging, and the steadily-cracking facade the Chinese put on. Good thing the games end soon, otherwise, the curtain just might fall completely.

Regardless of these inconsistencies, Bolt’s presence at the Olympics should be celebrated and the IOC President, if he was smart, would run out of his press box and start dancing with Bolt, instead of chastising him for it. Apparently, he doesn’t realize just how important of a distraction Bolt’s performances and subsequent celebrations are.

They make people forget — or ignore — his deal with the Red Dragon and all that it involves.