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Introducing Usain Bolt, the fastest person in the world. In case you missed it with all the MMA fun going on, the 100-meter dash now has a new record time as the Jamaican-born Bolt turned in a 9.72 seconds performance, beating the old record by two tenths of a second. In bonus news, the record Bolt beat was previously held by Asafa Powell — another Jamaican sprinter.

Not only did Bolt bolt to the new world record, he beat Tyson Gay — the best American sprinter — in the process. Bolt’s performance puts even more emphasis on the upcoming track and field portion of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Because of the new record and the ability shown by the new world record holder, everybody is going to want to see Bolt, Powell and Gay go at it in Beijing this summer.

However, if Bolt continues to improve as a sprinter (apparently, the 100 is not his best event), he’s going to be almost impossible to catch. Oh yeah, it was only his fifth race in the 100-meter. Ever. Apparently, Bolt was born to do just that.