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Yeah, and water’s wet, grass is green and the sky is blue. Even though these — and Usain Bolt’s speed — are natural facts of the planet we live on, sometimes, a reminder is in order. Right now, there’s little denying Usain Bolt is the fastest human on the planet. Granted, I’m sure there are some undiscovered people out there who can run like the wind, but until they do it on the stages Bolt does, the title is his.

Just in case we mere mortals needed a reminder of Bolt’s indescribable talent, the recently-wrecked runner smashed the world record in the 150 meter sprint. Oh, and according to reports, Bolt isn’t even in Olympic-level shape, and yet, he still beat the 26-year old record by sixth-tenths of a second. Considering his recent crash, his lack of Olympic shape makes sense.

The fact that he smashed the record like he did only furthers his growing legend.

Oh, and Bolt made sure to mug for the camera as he finished — meaning, had he finished like he did in the 4×100 in China, the new record would probably be even lower.