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Usain Bolt

9.58 seconds. Is that even real? Or did we simply dream one of the most impressive athletic accomplishments, maybe ever? What about Tyson Gay? He ran the third fastest 100-meter ever recorded and Bolt made it look like Gay was slow. Is that even fair? Is that even human? Where does this performance put Bolt on the greatest athletes of all time list? Is he at the top of the list for current athletes? Before that, watch the video of Bolt’s breathtaking performance in Berlin:

It isn’t often athletic accomplishments leave me astounded. This did. If you weren’t, check that pulse, because what Bolt did has never been done before, and the scary thing is, he made it look entirely too easy. There was no “all out” look on Bolt’s face. Sure, he ran to the tape this time, unlike Beijing, but he made running a sub-9.6 look effortless. He also made it look like he had much more to give, sparking questions of “how low can Bolt go?”

Some say the human body can’t go under 9.5. Others, however, think Bolt may change that outlook:

Former European 400 metres champion Iwan Thomas believes Bolt’s unique blend of ability and physique will enable him to run faster still. “Bolt is a one-off. I remember racing Michael Johnson and thinking ‘this guy’s a freak, who’s ever going to run faster than 19.32 for the 200m?’. But look at Bolt,” he said.

“Obviously the human body can only run so fast – I don’t know what that point is but something would go wrong. But if the rumours are true and he’s run 9.5 in training, without a crowd or adrenaline, then maybe he can run 9.4.”

The question I keep returning to, is he the best athlete now and maybe ever? Currently, Bolt is without peer in athletic prowess — For me, this includes stud athletes like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. They can’t run like Bolt. — so then you turn to historical figures like Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, and Wilt Chamberlain (The Big Dipper was an Olympic-level track and field competitor).

Because of evolution of the human body, which provided his unmatched speed, Bolt compares favorably. True, Lewis has longevity on his side, but then again, Lewis never ran like Insane Usain does. Obviously, Bolt’s run also has the freshest memory, but this isn’t simple hyperbole either. His record-breaking time speaks louder than words of admiration.