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Team Canada

While the majority of us are still basking in the glow of Team USA’s big time hockey win against Team Canada last night — no, I don’t care if it was only a preliminary round; Team USA hadn’t beaten Team Canada in Olympics Hockey in 50 years — I figured it would be fun to have some more fun at the expense of Team Canada, and thanks to the fine folks who upload at Imgur, we have just thing: An animated gif of that three-man collision from the second quarter.

Because of the image’s size (almost three megabytes), it’s coming up after the jump.

Team Canada

While I’m not one to usually pile on, considering the abject disappointment from Canadian fans, it’s hard not to get some kind of pleasure out of the image — or the one I just linked, for that matter.

Of course, that’s the price you pay when an All-Star level team goes down to a gritty underdog, an underdog that happens to be the number one seed going into the medal round.