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Olympic Speedo

Hugh Hefner and company have decided to get into the Olympic spirit by celebrating the Speedo swimsuit in the only way they know how — with hot models, well, modeling them for the camera. The slideshow dates back to 1988 (the above picture) and goes all the way to this year’s controversial model, the LZR Racer.

In the pictorial, the Speedo swimsuits are worn by Greenville, Michigan native Cassie Keller, 18, and Sharae Spears, 24, from Knoxville, Tennessee. Cassie is a Playboy “Special Editions” model who will be featured on the “College Girls” cover released on December 2nd and Sharae is the August 2008 Cyber Girl of the Month. The buoyant beauties wear the following swimwear: the Speedo Star Axcel (1988), Speedo S2000 (1992), Speedo Aquablade (1996), Fastskin Speedo (2000), Fastskin FSII (2004), and Speedo LZR Racer (2008).

I, for one, approve of the models Playboy used to celebrate these swimsuits and would support future endeavors where the men’s magazine celebrates other sports with more of their alluring photography. Be sure and check out Playboy’s Speedo slideshow (SFW — as in, no nudity). You won’t be disappointed.

In the meantime, here are a few more pics to tide you over.

Olympic SpeedoOlympic SpeedoOlympic Speedo
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Now go see the rest.