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Michael Phelps
Getty Images

The Michael Phelps Golden Tour of China continued last night/this morning as the Golden Child from Atlantis won his sixth gold of the Beijing Olympics, this time in the 200-meter IM. Oh yeah, it was another ho-hum performance for Phelps as he broke yet another world record in the process of winning gold. Do you think all these gold medals and world records are becoming old hat for Maryland-born swimmer?

As many of you might know, Phelps’ six golds are more than a number of countries participating in the Beijing Olympics. In fact, as of this post, only six countries have six or more golds; a good indication of just how dominant and special the Michael Phelps performance has really been.

When you look up the word “great” in a thesaurus, the results include the following words:

admirable, countless, distinguished, egregious, eminent, enormous, estimable, excellent, excessive, exorbitant, fabulous, famed, famous, flagrant, gigantic, grand, grievous, huge, illustrious, immense, immoderate, incalculable, incomputable, large, magnanimous, monumental, noted, numerous, predominant, preeminent, prodigious, prominent, renowned, serious, supereminent, superior, transcendent

I think all of these are apt descriptions of Phelps; however, they probably still understate just how great he has been in China.

Up next for Phelps will be his last two finals — the 100-meter free and the 4×100 medley. After the week he’s had, is there any real doubt he’ll succeed in winning eight golds? I mean, it’s quite possible someone jumps up out of the water and beats him in the 100 or his team could falter in the 4×1; but after watching such dominance, it just doesn’t seem like such a finish is in the cards for Phelps.

The 100-meter final is tonight and the 4×100 will be on Saturday night.