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Stephanie Rice

While the Man from Atlantis, aka, Michael Phelps, did swim in two semi-finals last night, he wasn’t racing for gold and because of that, the United States didn’t win gold — or much of anything else for that matter — save for four bronze medals. One of them was in the 4×200 Women’s relay which was won by Australia, the team featuring Stephanie Rice, the lovely lady in our lead image.

The other medals were won by Levi Leipheimer in the individual time trials for men’s road biking, Ronda Rouseywho qualifies for the “cute Olympic athletes” category — in women’s judo (70 kg) and Jason Lezak in the 100-meter freestyle. Lezak was beaten by Alain Bernard of France, the same swimmer he caught in the 4×100 relay.

Currently, the Chinese lead in the overall medal count, edging the United States, 35-34. However, it’s the gold medal count where China is exerting their dominance with 22, more than doubling the next highest, which belongs to the U.S. with ten.

Tonight, the Golden Child hits the water for the 200-meter individual medley. He’ll be facing probably his toughest individual test as fellow American Ryan Lochte, who has golden dreams of his own he’d like to fulfill, is also in the race. Maybe these two can improve the medal count for the U.S.