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Natalie Coughlin

You can say this about Natalie Coughlin — she is certainly proud of the world records she’s broken. So much so that if you break hers during the US Swim Team trials, she might just break yours in return.

Just ask Hayley McGregory.

In a preliminary race for the 100 Meter backstroke qualification, McGregory broke Coughlin’s record by swimming a 59.15. Coughlin’s previous record was 59.21. In the very next heat, Coughlin decided she wanted to reclaim the record and did so by smashing McGregory’s time with a time of 59.03. While McGregory broke Coughlin’s record by .06 seconds, the five-time gold medal winner shattered the new, temporary mark by .12 seconds.

I guess it’s safe to say the gauntlet has been thrown down by the previous and current world record holder. As for all these swimming world records that have been falling recently, some claim the new Speedo swimsuit is to credit. Others, however, blame performance enhancing drugs and not the state-of-the-art Speedos.