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Nastia Liukin

As athletes reaping the rewards of their Olympic service continues unabated, gold medalist Nastia Liukin has also entered the ring; only she’s not going the way of popping tacos and foreign languages. Instead, Nastia has decided to do something a little more wholesome — pitch jeans and related fashion to teenage girls for Vanilla Star.

One of the key pitches from the company has to do with the way the jeans are marketed; mainly, without the sexuality found in other teen-related ads. From their presser:

“Vanilla Star is proud to embrace an ‘anti-jean’ company philosophy by opposing the trend of exploiting young teens’ bodies in its ads. We always try to find personalities that our core Vanilla Star customer is attracted to and will set a good example for today’s impressionable youth market,” says Vanilla Star’s President, Mark Levy.

Um yeah, about all that.

Now, I’m not one to quibble about things like this, but, using a miniskirt/lots-of-legs-and-smiles isn’t the most conservative way to market said good example. And let’s not get started on the whole body image being portrayed to teenage girls either. Call it what it is — attracting your demographic by partnering with someone they either admire and/or envy.

Because if want to be like Mike, or in this case, Nastia, the only way most of us can do so is by buying a product he or she endorses.