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Jason Kidd
Getty Images

Our Jason Kidd watch continues with some great news!!! What the Kidd Did is still perfect from the field for these Olympics after going two-for-two against Australia today.

Still batting 1.000, y’all. What?

For the Olympics, Kidd is four-for-four from the field, with two of those makes being outside shots. Even more, one of them was a 3-pointer. Here’s another Jason Kidd rarity — in this morning’s game against the Aussies, Kidd had more points (four) than he did assists (one). This must be a sign of the coming apocalypse.

With two more games left on Team USA’s schedule, Kidd’s still got some work to do if he wants to finish at 100% from the field for the Olympics, but I, for one, believe in the perfection of J-Kidd.