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Stephanie Brown-Trafton
Getty Images

With all the Phelps/Johnson/Liukin/Redeem Team hype going on, some of our other winning athletes are lost in the shuffle. Because of that, I like to use this Forgotten Gold topic to shine a deserving light on their performance. In this case, allow me to introduce Stephanie Brown Trafton, the gold medal winner in the women’s discus. When the competition started, Brown Trafton was not considered one of the favorites, making her gold medal performance all-the-more satisfying.

Brown Trafton secured her place in gold medal history with a 64.74 meter throw, a display that was so eye-opening, it appeared as if her winning throw intimidated the rest of the field because after she posted that distance, only three of her competitors exceeded the 62-meter mark.

The discus gold medal also represents the first time an American woman has won the discus since 1932, making Brown Trafton even more deserving of the kudos she’s receiving.