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Dwyane Wade is using these pre-Olympic exhibition games as an opportunity to show he’s fully recovered from the injuries that have plagued him since the Heat won the NBA Championship a few years ago. Judging from these following videos, I think he looks just fine.

First up, we have that nifty windmill/breakaway dunk against Team Canada. This was just a sign of what was to come over the next couple of games:

Next, we have action from yesterday’s dunkfest against the Turkish National Team. The dribble-drive-flush-finish was awfully spectacular and it did a great job of demonstrating Wade’s current health status.

Next we have the other windmill alley-oop finish I discussed this morning against the Lithuanian National Team.

Is this an appropriate place to use Raftery’s ONIONS call? Probably not, seeing how he saves that for crunch time baskets, but nevertheless, Wade did indeed demonstrate he has them by coming up with that particular finish. He’s also showing he’s ready for the 08-09 NBA season and if he can stay healthy over that long grind, it looks like he’ll be having an MVP-type of year.

First up, however: winning the gold medal in Beijing.