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Stanley Cup

So who had the better weekend? The Lakers or the Penguins? An unexpected Game 7 win over the team that beat you last year or the league’s best player silencing whatever “you can’t win without Shaq” critics there were? If I had to make a call, I’d say the Penguins and their Stanley Cup victory was probably more satisfying, seeing how it wasn’t really expected. The Lakers, on the other hand, expected a championship, especially after going up 3-1.

With that in mind, try telling the Lakers the Penguins are the happier bunch.

The Penguins are, however, as happy as pigs in slop with their Stanley Cup parade earlier today. According to reports, hundreds of thousands of fans showed up at noon to watch their champions hoist the trophy for the home crowd to see.

Near-deafening cheers and confetti also greeted Crosby at the six-level garage at the corner of Smithfield Street and the Boulevard of the Allies.

At the reviewing stand, owner Mario Lemieux said the cup was back where it belonged. He thanked the fans, saying they contributed to a family atmosphere around the team. “You guys are part of our family. Thank you, Pittsburgh, enjoy it,” the Hall of Famer said.

The parade is merely a stop in the year-long odyssey of the Stanley Cup, one that’s already seen the NHL’s Holy Grail show up at a Pittsburgh Pirates game — and hey, the Pirates won.

Don’t be surprised if the Pirates’ front office doesn’t request the Stanley Cup take a more permanent residence at PNC Park.