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Stanley Cup Champions

This is how it was supposed to be. Detroit, having not clinched a playoff series at home during their run for the Cup, had to secure their right to raise it by winning in Pittsburgh. With the Red Wings, that’s par for the course. And win, they did. After beating Pittsburgh 3-2 (and almost giving the Pens another shot at life late in the third quarter), the Detroit Red Wings are your NHL Stanley Cup Champions. It was their fourth cup in eleven years and their eleventh overall.

Your Conn Smythe Award winner was Henrik Zetterberg, who had 13 goals and 14 assists during Detroit’s run. As pointed out by Puck Update, some feel Zetterberg’s performance, coupled with likes of Nicklas Lidstrom, vindicated European players and their quest to shake the “we’re not tough” label.

Others, like Don Cherry, may not agree.

Whatever the case, I’m not a savvy enough hockey fan to debate these things; however, I do know this — the closing minutes of the third quarter in both Games 5 and 6 were damn exciting. Maybe Pittsburgh could’ve played with that sense of desperation for all of Game 6 instead of waiting until the wanning minutes, but alas, they did not. And now we have a new Stanley Cup champion because of it. Here’s some video of those closing moments, followed by the Red Wings’ celebration:

I’m left wondering what different locations Lord Stanley’s Cup will wind up at during his tour with these Detroit Red Wings…