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Was that horse manure really necessary? Is leaving the arena with a hockey stick somehow going to fill whatever empty space it is that convinces you something like that is worth getting into fisticuffs over? Fanhouse, among others, has the details of the scuffle, however, simply put, Anaheim Duck Scott Niedermayer decided he’d give his stick to a girl sitting in the front row after his team’s 4-3 victory, and apparently, the guy in the blue shirt decided he wanted the stick for himself.

The crowd then shows him the error of his ways, and then, everybody was Kung-Fu fighting. Or swinging wildly at each other, whatever you prefer — although, there were a few good blows thrown, especially when Blue Shirt gets the stick handle in the face.

Bonus: The woman sitting next to Blue Shirt decides she wants to get in on the fun as well.

Can’t we all just get along? No? How about getting over whatever it is that causes people to fight over freaking sports memorabilia? Is that too much to ask?