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Sheldon Brown

By now, it’s pretty obvious who currently has the worst team in the NFL even though there are four teams who haven’t won a game yet. While Cincinnati, Detroit and Houston aren’t very good — Houston is easily the best out of this bunch — they aren’t as bad as the St Louis Rams.

Detroit and Houston have serviceable offenses, much like the Bengals used to have. Now the Bengals are relying on an almost-respectable defense to keep their games close. The Rams have neither. They are the absolute worst in the NFL in both offense and defense, and in most cases, it’s by a wide margin.

The Rams have given up 147 points while only scoring 43 in four games. That means they are giving up almost 37 and only scoring about 11. The Bengals have only scored 52 points, but they’ve held their opponents to 87, 60 less than the Rams. The same holds true for Houston and Detroit — they’ve outscored and given up less points than their St. Louis counterparts.

The only question left to answer is, out of those four, who gets the first win? Cincy’s next three games are at Dallas, at the Jets and the Steelers, with the Jets being the most winnable, especially if Chris Henry allows them to open up the passing game. Detroit has the Bears at home, the Vikings on the road and then at Houston. This will be a tough stretch for the Lions, who haven’t lost touch with St Louis and could easily be overtaken.

Houston has three home games in row against, Indianapolis, Miami and the Lions. They could certainly go 2-1 during this stretch. As for the Rams, their schedule is bye, at Washington and then Dallas.

At least they won’t lose during the bye-week.

Perhaps the firing of Scott Linehan can fire them up enough to upset the Redskins or the Cowboys; although, for some reason, I have my doubts.