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Larry Johnson

As we get a little further into the season, the worst teams in the NFL are clearly starting to solidify their standings. While there are a number of teams that could make their claim here, the three teams that stood out this week are the Kansas City Chiefs, the St Louis Rams and everybody’s favorite losing team, the Detroit Lions. But this week, I’m starting with the obvious choice, the Chiefs of Kansas City.

Kansas City Chiefs
Are we looking at a 0-16 team here? They certainly have the makings of one. While their fan blogs are getting mentioned on the NFL Network, the rebuilding exercise continues to perform like they’d rather be doing something else. Even when their oft-maligned running back has a good game, the team still gets beat by more than three touchdowns. By the Atlanta Falcons, another team that was supposed to be rebuilding as well.

Judging by the Brady Quinn talk, it’s safe to say the Tyler Thigpen experiment is coming to an “failed miserably” ending as an adequate Damon Huard remains criminally overlooked by the coaching staff.

Remember, he’s the last quarterback to take this franchise to the playoffs.

Personally, instead of making a pitch for the unproven Quinn, I think the Cowher/Vick campaign will serve the Chiefs better; however, I’m not even sure this particular franchise is trying to field a winner. Maybe the Mike Brown method of running an NFL team is rubbing off on the Chiefs. Looking at their schedule, the only game that looks remotely winnable — based off yesterday’s sterling play — is when they go to Cincinnati to play the Bengals on their last game of the season.

One last question: What the hell is point of doing the Dirty Bird in front of the Atlanta crowd after scoring a touchdown when you are getting your asses kicked, Dwayne Bowe?

St Louis Rams

TJ Duckett

Things are really bad in the Missouri/Kansas area for pro football, as you can plainly see by both NFL representatives of this area making the list. St Louis made their third appearance in a row after getting smoked by the Seattle Seahawks, a team who I don’t think fielded one healthy wide receiver Sunday and still embarrassed the Rams, 37-13. Even though they didn’t have anyone to throw the ball to and everybody in the stadium knew the Seahawks would have to run the ball a lot, the Rams still let Julius Jones and T.J. Duckett run all over them.

That’s some pathetic defense to go with a horrible offense.

In three games, the Rams have scored a total of 29 points, a number that was surpassed by six teams yesterday. In one game — further reducing the once “Greatest Show on Turf” to the “Greatest Suck on Turf.”

Much like their Kansas City counterparts, the Rams will struggle to win one game this season. Once you look at their schedule, it’s pretty easy to see — based on the way they’ve been playing thus far — the bookies will have a hard time favoring the Rams against teams like San Francisco and Miami, regardless of where they play.

Detroit Lions


If a picture says a thousand words, the image above me describes the Detroit Lions 2008 season perfectly. While it’s true the Lions are really close to being putrid, they are still better, in my estimation, than the two teams above them.

In fact, considering the fact the Lions can actually score on offense, they would probably smash the Rams and the Chiefs. However, they are still one of the worst in the NFL, much to chagrin of Matt Millen.

Wrapping Up
It’s hard to tell which loss is worse: losing to the 49ers in lethargic fashion, getting beat by team that has no wide receivers or making Atlanta look great. With that in mind, when you make a rookie quarterback look like a Pro Bowl nominee, it’s hard to deny the Kansas City Chiefs’ claim to this particular throne.

The Chiefs and the Rams are so inept, scribes in the KC are wondering which team is actually worse. This brings up a suggestion: If both teams manage to go defeated the rest of season, finishing 0-16, there should a Super Bowl of Suck to decide which team gets the first overall pick in the 2009 draft.

Of course, having that much suck on one field might cause the cosmos to implode.

Other teams receiving consideration: Cincinnati Bengals, who played hard against the Super Bowl champs but still lost and the Houston Texans; although, there is entirely too much talent on offense for the Texans to be struggling like they are.