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While I’m sure the offensive explosion between the Arizona Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers was unexpected — 96 points in an NFL Playoff game is not the norm — was the outcome of the game really worth slap-fighting over? According the lead video, apparently so. What we have is two Cardinals fans and two Packers fans who decided to test their ability at throwing to ineffective punches. While the fight was quickly reduced to a one-on-one situation, the fans in question tried to make it into a brawl; although, I’m not too sure what Packers fan number two was trying to do with that punch-slap to Cardinals fan’s kidney.

And then security shows up, ruining the fun for everybody, or at least choke-holding the weak-punching Cardinals fan out of his misery.

As for why the fight was started, who knows? Perhaps the gentlemen were discussing the missed calls at the end of the game and the conversation turned ugly.

H/t to the Sporting Blog (via Busted Coverage) for the find.