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Wes Welker ran his mouth a little bit too much, and was clearly punished for it. Was it the right call?

After making over a dozen toe and foot references in a press conference on Thursday (which was clearly directed at Rex Ryan), Patriots coach Bill Belichick gave a very public dressing down to Wes Welker without saying a word. Belichick benched Welker for the first offensive drive.

Personally, I like this method of punishment. You want to go around your coach’s decision not to verbally trash the other team? He’ll return the favor, by quietly sitting you down. He won’t address it with reporters, instead he’ll just sit you down for a while.

The issue isn’t whether the Pats should have been a bunch of loud-mouthed dudes like the Jets. Every team has their own way of approaching games, and how they handle themselves. If you’re on a team, and it’s okay to open your mouth and jaw, then you’re allowed. If you’re on a team where it isn’t allowed? Then shut up and focus on the game.

Now, there is no way that Welker’s “punishment” harmed the team during the game. It quietly spoke to not only the rest of the team, but to Rex Ryan as well, that Belichick personally doesn’t go for that kind of thing.

I’m not a fan of either coach, but I have to say that I agreed with Belichick’s decision. The other thing is, I’m not a fan of that Rex Ryan video tape either. That tape managed to do something that I never thought would happen, which was to make me feel a bit sorry for Ryan. So the guy digs his wife’s feet? So what? His wife, who he has been married to for 20-some years? Not some skank he just met but his wife? I could care less. I’m not a foot-person myself, but her feet were pretty nice. But that’s beside the point.

The point is, if Belichick goes along with these shenanigans from Welker, then that means it’s okay if some schmuck finds a video tape of him doing something just as stupid. Belichick needed to save face even if he did agree with giving it back to Ryan, because this personal attack crap has no place in the NFL.

Let your performance on the field do the talking. The better team will win regardless of what is done off the field.