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When it comes to trash-talking organizations, the two NFL teams who would be considered polar-opposites would be two teams matched up in the NFL Divisional Playoff Game this very weekend: The New York Jets and The New England Patriots.

New York Jets Head Coach, Rex Ryan, is not one to shy away from mugging for the camera.  He’s not at all afraid of offering sports fans a consistently high level of jackassery with some trash talking remark for his opponents (and his detractors).  On trash talking, Rex Ryan says:

“I just build our guys up. If it’s trash talking that I believe in our football team, then, yes, I agree with that statement. I’m the biggest trash talker there is. I don’t disrespect anybody else. I just have confidence in our football team. I don’t mean to be disrespectful at all to opponents.”

Conversely, Bill Belichick is the antithesis of the trash-talking head coach.  The stone-faced crypt-keeper with the wood-chipper style hoodie speaks in one tone – that’s monotone.  Everyone is always on the injury report.  All teams are worthy opponents.  Cut it, print it, ship it – we’re done here.

In fact, Bill Belichick specifically instructed the New England Patriots players to avoid engaging in trash talking with the #1 ranked trash talking New York Jets organization.  It seems that the players are following their leader’s orders.  However, Wes Welker has us questioning whether or not he’s on board with the “no trash talking” edict from Coach Bill.  Yesterday’s press conference appeared to be chock-full of possible subliminal messages intended to mock New York Jets’ coach Rex Ryan and his recently revealed love for human feet.  If you haven’t already seen the Rex Ryan Foot Fetish video, here it is below.  If you have, skip to the next segment… 3… 2… 1…

Below is a condensed clip of Wes Welker’s press conference from January 13th, 2011.  During his presser, Welker made references to the the human foot (or parts of it) on the order of nearly a dozen times… (Editor’s note: leads the post now)

COINCIDENCE?!?!?! I think not.  Going into the grudge match, one that will end the season for either the Patriots or the Jets, we don’t think that the Cyborg, Belichick, is too thrilled with the attention that this is getting.  While Wes Welker still has plausible deniability, this direct defiance of  his coach’s specific expectations on providing bulletin board fodder – particularly in a post-season situation – is a surprise.

One thing is for certain.  After this weekend, we’ll find out if Wes Welker shot himself in the foot with his incredibly humorous press conference responses.  Or, maybe he’ll be putting his foot in his mouth.  Or, maybe he’ll be seeing a colorectal specialist to remove Bill Belichick’s foot from his ass for defying him.  We’ll see.