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Cedric Benson

This makes absolute perfect sense coming from the Cincinnati Bengals: It was recently announced they were the winners of the Cedric Benson sweepstakes.

That’s right, the Bengals just signed Benson. In case you might have missed it, the Bengals have trying to distance themselves from perceived problem children — well, at least Marvin Lewis has — and despite whatever misunderstandings there might have been at the boating incident that got Benson released from the Chicago Bears, he still has an air of misbehaving around him.

But desperate times call for desperate measures and a quick look at the Bengals roster reveals their running back situation is indeed desperate.

The Benson signing comes on the heels of Chris Henry — Marvin Lewis’ favorite player — officially being eligible to play this Sunday against Dallas. Considering the timing, I wouldn’t expect to see Benson take the field against the Cowboys, but like we’ve established, these are desperate times for the Bengals.

Meanwhile, Mike Brown still hasn’t offered an extension to T.J. Houshmandzadeh and it’s doubtful he will, compounding the never-ending brilliance on display from the man in charge of the Bengals franchise.