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Favre Motivates

I think the above image says it all. He’s back in Green Bay, he’s meeting with head coach Mike McCarthy today (no promises from McCarthy) and supposedly, the Packers are going to have an open quarterback competition to see who they want as their starter — something that’s harder and harder to believe.

If anything, this is probably an audition for Brett so he can prove to interested parties he still has it. While some folks think he looks old, I think I’ll reserve my opinion until I see him play.

As expected, ESPN is on the case and will be there until the end of time this situation resolves itself (or gets resolved by the Packers front office). Again, I’m curious about the mindset of Packers fans. Do they want Rodgers or the Favre-flopper running their team when the new season kicks off?

From what it sounds like, if Favre had his way, he’d be starting for Green Bay. The question is, does the coaching staff and their bosses feel the same as Brett? We’ll find out soon enough — but not today. Apparently, the Packers will be doing their due-diligence concerning Favre’s conditioning and health this afternoon.

I’m left wondering how Aaron Rodgers feels after all of this has happened. Something like this can either crush your confidence or cause you to work that much harder. It’s up to Rodgers to fight through this and see if he’s capable of beating the person that’s loomed over him since he was drafted.

Who knows, maybe Brian Brohm will come out as the winner of the Packers quarterback competition. Wouldn’t that be something?