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Hines Ward

About that bounty that wasn’t a bounty put on Hines Ward by the Baltimore Ravens — Your target is still at large. Very much so. Regardless of being hosed by instant replay officials, Hines Ward took the thrown gauntlet and ate you alive to the tune of:

107 receiving yards courtesy of 8 receptions.

Considering the defense Ward was doing it against, it’s safe to say that bounty went largely uncollected. In fact, the target got away cleanly while doing some Jack Bauer-like damage on his way out. Word to the wise, if you are going to target somebody, make sure you are well aware of how dangerous your prey is.

Coming prepared helps too. Maybe something like this:

Star Wars Bounty Hunters
Image courtesy of Jedislime.

Two Star Wars references in one day? Sorry, my inner geek is showing.

Back to Ward and the Ravens — allowing him to abuse your secondary for big yardage is probably not the best way to nullify a great player and/or, collect a bounty you may or may not have issued.