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Hall Of Fame Game

Let’s see, we had a Jared Lorenzen sighting, a Colt Brennan sighting and what looked to be the NFL shield placed strategically on large jerseys with big numbers on them. Could it be? Was that really, *gasp*, NFL Football on my TV last night? Why yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus because guess what? The NFL Preseason is finally HERE.


Actually, all kidding aside, it was damn good to see Sunday football on the tube again, even if it was meaningless — tell that to the rookies and free agents trying to make the squad — and not really indicative of what we’ll see starting in September. I don’t care, it was still football — or, the only reason for sports fans to exist in the fall.

In case you missed it, the Washington Redskins took on the Indianapolis Colts in the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio last night. Washington prevailed, 30-16. After about the first possession for each side, the teams unloaded their benches, allowing less obvious players show why they deserve a spot on the final roster. And what did we learn?

* Colt Brennan looked pretty damn good (9-10 passing and two touchdowns). I guess getting smashed around by that SEC speed in January gave him an idea of what he’d be seeing on a day-to-day basis in the NFL.

* Jason Campbell looks like he’s ready to start for lead the Skins (5-5 and a touchdown).

* Jared “Battleship” Lorenzen looks like he’s determined to waste all the NFL talent he has. Now look, no one expects him to get his well-publicized weight down to the 200 pound mark; however, is it too hard to ask he gets down to around 250 pounds? If he’d put just a little bit of effort into the diet and conditioning portion of his preparation, he’d be a successful back-up and not fighting for the third-string back-up position. As it stands, it’ll be hard for Lorenzen to overtake Quinn Gray, especially if yesterday’s performance is anything to go on.

/end J-Lo rant

* The Colts don’t have much in the way of back-up talent. Mike Hart did some nice things but for the most part, Tony Dungy and company had better hope Peyton Manning and company don’t get hurt.

* Did I mention it was nice to have football on again?