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I’m not sure what Hines Ward’s aim was during his interview with Bob Costas before the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Baltimore Ravens last night, but if it was to through Ben Roethlisberger under a bus, he succeeded. With flying colors. While Ward’s comments were no doubt inspired by the frustration of losing, they still came off as selfish, uninformed — especially at a time when the NFL’s concerns about concussions are growing — not to mention, it sounded like Ward had some leftover issues from Roethlisberger’s “taller receivers” lament.

In his defense, Ward said he wasn’t aware Roethlisberger was experiencing any issues with last week’s head knock, and has since clarified his comments to say he wanted his team to have the best chance to win.

Obviously, Ward thinks that chance includes having Big Ben under center. However, the fact he commented about having played with a concussion before can lead one to believe Ward wanted Roethlisberger out there regardless.

As for the Steelers as a team, they are in danger of being left out of the NFL Playoff picture. Currently, they are in a pack of seven other teams fighting the AFC’s Wild Card berth. While one would expect the Steelers to rise out of that morass, the fact that they’ve lost three-in-a-row does not bode well for their Super Bowl Champion-defending opportunities.