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This here is Troy Polamalu’s latest Head and Shoulders commercial and thankfully for the rest of us, it focuses on his adjective-defying hair. The description “God-like” comes to mind and apparently, when you see it, you can’t help but be won over by it, whether you verbally acknowledge it or not. You can’t stop yourself and your eyes know this. They will fall in love/envy with or without your approval. That is the power of Troy Polamalu’s hair.

Girls want to touch it; play with it, if you will, and guys want theirs to grow like it. Is there a higher form of flattery?

In other news, at least this latest Pittsburgh Steelers-related commercial isn’t a lie, unlike the Roethlisberger/Nike offering. You know damn well Ben would’ve been sacked at least 10 times if that commercial was telling the truth.