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Tracy Porter

Drew Brees is your Super Bowl MVP, and rightfully so. The quarterback clinic he put on from the second quarter on was one for the ages. After missing on four passes in the first quarter, Brees only had three more incomplete passes for the rest of the game. Because of that, Brees got to tell the world he and his family are going to Disney World, a benefit of being the Super Bowl MVP. While Brees’ MVP resume is full of qualifiers — the two-point conversion, for one — it was a Saints defender who had the game’s MVP*.

I’m talking about Tracy Porter, of course, and his game-deciding pick-six interception of Peyton Manning. To put it bluntly, it was a thing of football beauty, regardless who you root for.

While I have no doubt Colts fans don’t want to acknowledge just how great Porter’s play was, but deep down inside, even they know it’s true.

In other news, how about Porter’s bad-ass haircut? They say the source of Sampson’s strength was his long locks of hair. In regards to Porter, while his ‘hair” was indeed short — in fact, bald, save for the designs –the creativity on display (the Super Dome, the Lombardi Trophy) looks very strength-building. At least to me.

*Most Valuable Play