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Chad Johnson

It’s been a horrible preseason for the Cincinnati Bengals, one that saw them make dumb personnel moves, suffer Carson Palmer’s nose getting smashed and their flash point of a receiver injure his shoulder badly enough it probably will require offseason surgery to fix. But, because every dark cloud should have a silver lining, Ocho Cinco is apparently going to play for as long as he can this season, bad shoulder or not.

By announcing he’s going to play hurt, it could be Johnson is trying to generate some goodwill with the fans while trying to regain the confidence and trust of his teammates after such a polarizing offseason. Smart move; but is he healthy enough to make a noticeable impact or will the idea of landing on a painful shoulder make him shy away from catching some of the more difficult passes thrown his way?

Not according to Johnson:

“Precaution,” Johnson said of the harness on his left shoulder and arm that he would wear through the season. “I’ve talked to a lot of people who have played with this injury. Kellen Winslow (Browns), Donte’ Stallworth (Browns), (Michael) Westbrook (Eagles), maybe about 10 guys I’ve talked to, they didn’t get surgery; they played and had a successful season. So I’ll be fine.”

Johnson told reporters that “nothing is wrong with me,” but ESPN.com, citing an anonymous source, reported that Johnson has a partial tear of the labrum.

So wait, why is Johnson taking precautions for a “nothing is wrong with me” injury? Anyway, to further prove his health, Johnson did 20 push-ups in front of a group of reporters.

For all you fantasy football players who drafted Chad Johnson, make sure you have a couple of wide receiver back-ups on-hand because you never know when he’s going to land awkwardly, pushing his surgery up to the regular season and essentially wrecking your fantasy team.