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Todd Haley, Josh McDaniels

The post-game hubbub between Todd Haley and Josh McDaniels provided a fun ending to a surprising Denver Broncos beatdown. Unfortunately — and I say that as a fan of bad-blood games — the coach who initiated the drama has backed off of his emotional rejection of McDaniels’ handshake. Haley indicated his actions were not up to his level of expectations and apologized to Denver’s coach, as well as Kansas City Chiefs fans and Broncos fans, alike.

In today’s age, Haley’s reaction is understandable and a tad-bit disappointing. I encourage feuds in sports because it’s good theater and a little bad blood goes a long way. Unfortunately, Haley opted for the sanitized, “family friendly” follow-up. Thankfully, the players won’t forget how this series has played out the last three times these teams have met (Broncos won 44-13 in Denver, followed by the season-ending Chiefs-over-Broncos, 44-24 thrashing in Kansas City in 2009 and yesterday’s whipping).

That being said, Haley’s apology sounds every bit of an “I had to do this” as opposed to a “I’m genuinely apologetic for my post-game behavior” mea culpa, so maybe there’s hope for the coming blood feud after all.

H/t to 610 Sports for the clip.