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Todd Haley
Whisenhunt: “Where are you going?” Haley: “Kansas City, boss.”

Chiefs fans, you have a new outlet for your frustrations now that Herm Edwards’ replacement has been named. Be sure to give a laurel and hearty welcome to your new … *transmission garbled* … I believe it was “new coach” they were trying to say.

Welcome aboard, coach Todd Haley.

Haley will be the 11th head coach of the Chiefs. He replaces Herm Edwards, who was fired after three seasons.

He comes with a resume unlike that of any of his predecessors.

He didn’t play college football, but was a golfer. He later coached golf at Jacksonville University and worked as a golf pro in the New York City and Washington, D.C., areas.

Haley got into pro football in 1995 as a scout with the Jets, where his father, Dick, was the personnel director. He moved into coaching the next year, and his career quickly took off.

So much so, it landed him right smack dab in the middle of America’s heartland where a fanbase is waiting on someone, anyone, to bring the Chiefs back to prominence — or at least mediocrity, because what they’ve had around here for the last two or so seasons has been awfully poor. Haley’s job won’t be an easy one — teams that lack basic talent take longer to rebuild — but he has brand new management to help him succeed, or fail, whatever the case may be.

For those Kansas City fans thinking Haley will return the Chiefs to offensive prominence should probably temper their expectations. It’s important to remember what Haley had to work with in Arizona compared to what’s waiting for him at Arrowhead Stadium. I don’t think he’ll find a Larry Fitzgerald or an Anquan Boldin sitting around, waiting for someone to throw accurate passes to them.

Oh well. There’s always Dwayne Bowe and Tony “I still want to be traded” Gonzalez.