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I’m not really sure what precipitated this, but Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams had two messages for the Buffalo Bills’ bench after his Titans had secured their third win of the season, and these messages involved birds, flipping, and middle fingers. 86-year-old Adams has since apologized for his finger bombs, saying he was caught up in the moment.

Not only does Adams flash his birds at the Bills bench, he does so in a celebratory method, almost like he’s dancing and his middle fingers are just an extension of his joy. Or disdain for the Bills, if you will.

Oddly enough, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was also in attendance for the game, although, it’s doubtful he was in the luxury box when Adams decided to express himself. Naturally, the NFL’s front office is “investigating” and will undoubtedly have a nice fine for Adams to pay when their investigation is complete. If Ochocinco and Cutler were fined $20 grand for their shenanigans, I would expect the punishment levied at Adams will be a little bit steeper.

Of course, I’m thinking about this logically because to me, owners have just as much responsibility at being respectful as players do. At least players are, you know, actually playing. Adams’ reaction is similar to what college fans do during rivalry games.