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Throwing A Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl isn’t just the world’s single biggest sporting event. In the United States, and many countries all over the world, it’s a national holiday. With just over a week left until the big game, it’s time to get ready for the party. Unless you’re heading to one of the official Super Bowl parties in Dallas, then you’ll need this DIY guide to make your party just as good as theirs.

What was once about football is now about commercials, pageantry, joie de vivre, and booze. For you the choice is simple: either find a way to be a part of the festivities, or spend the night in your adult onesie from Target, eating ice cream alone, re-reading Harry Potter with your dog.

Adult Onesie Guy

If you want part of the action, then what easier way is there than throwing a Super Bowl party like a boss. All you need is food, booze, booze, booze, and a few games to keep your guests engaged. Take notice: these tips will make your party more exciting than the game itself!

Creating Atmosphere

Biggest Big Screen TV

This measuring contest is one you can’t win.

Don’t waste Super Bowl Sunday watching television on your home TV (unless your name is John Madden and you already have a 221-inch main screen with 8 63-inch “smaller” flat screens in your house). Super Bowl Sunday is about going big, and going big means renting the biggest television you can. Nothing says lame like straining to see a score for the game.

Many local stores will rent a television to you for a reasonable rate. Guests want an experience, and that experience comes in 50 inches or more.

Full Bar

Liquor Bottles

This should be your backup supply.

As we mentioned above, this is one of the mandatory items. Make sure you do not have a shortage of alcoholic beverages on hand, and no shortage of backup alcohol stashed away for when you run out in the first quarter. Being that there are two teams, the clear answer is two kegs. Keep one positioned on each side of the room so your guests don’t have to move too far to fill up.

For your guests who enjoy the mixed drinks, buy several types of your standard bottles of alcohol along with several mixers to go along with it and leave it at that. If someone asks for a Grand Marnier cosmopolitan just say “It’s a Super Bowl party” and move on.

Decorate Accordingly

Man CaveSteelers DecorI know, I know… real men don’t decorate. Get someone else to do it while you go to the liquor store. Creating atmosphere is about more than just booze and a big screen. Creating atmosphere is about surroundings. Pick a team that you’re rooting for, and decorate the house in their colors. Go bold. Posters, streamers, and tablecloths give viewers a sense of camaraderie, and the opposition a feeling of fear.

If you’re expecting an equal number of supporters for each team, then section off a part of the viewing room as the visitors’ section; a dividing line separating those you can consort with, and those you’re not allowed to, creates a fun, competitive environment. It also creates a group of people you can throw stuff at. Be sure to have enough seating to accommodate everyone who wants to actually watch the game instead of pounding beers.

If you still can’t stomach the feeling of decorating your man cave in fluffy little flags, at least make the attractive people wear team colors. It counts.

Indulge in Prop Bets

Yellow Gatorade

Go ahead: bet on the color of Gatorade.

The Super Bowl is not always the most riveting event. Unless you score a sweet pair of Super Bowl tickets, you run the risk of growing bored. This is why man invented prop bets. These are bets that only go on for Super Bowl Sunday. Random and silly bets range from first team to score, over/under on challenge flags used, to how many times Troy Aikman interrupts his co-host.

Since you’re not Vegas, and can’t afford to cover a massive amount of prop bets, try this: everyone throws in a set dollar amount, and fills-out a sheet with the wagers for each prop bet. At the end of the game the person who guessed the most prop bets correctly wins the pot, and the right to pitch in the most for the beer.

Don’t Forget the Spread

Super Bowl Eats

One key to any good party is the food served. There are two rules to an excellent Super Bowl spread: have plenty, and have a theme. For the men now cringing at the thought of flowers and phrases like “winter solstice,” relax. The theme is about having food of a similar food group.

Go all Mexican and have a burrito station, a taco station, and more chips and salsa than you can eat. Or go Italian, or any other food group you can think of, and do it to the max. Buy at least three times the amount of booze and food you think you need. Overindulge in something truly American and have the ultimate Super Bowl snack. Don’t wimp out.

Skip Halftime

Halftime Beer Pong

Nothing derails the energy of a good Super Bowl party more than a dull half time show. No matter who the musical guest is, ignore it, and bump better tunes throughout the house. Don’t let the crowd get mellow.

Try adding prop bets to the sheet. Maybe consider having your own football game at a local park during this time. Attempt to talk the ladies involved into a friendly game of lingerie football (good luck with that). Whatever you do, don’t get sucked into the lame halftime show. Beer pong anyone?


The Super Bowl is the greatest holiday for football fans, and you need to learn how to celebrate it in style. Don’t waste a minute of your time trying to throw an ordinary party. These tips will transform your Sunday from ordinary to Super.

Take your pick.