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This is why Brad Childress was willing to mortgage his future with the Minnesota Vikings; why he was willing to essentially disregard all the work Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson put in the off season; why he was willing to fracture his locker room; why he was willing to look like a desperate, desperate man: Because these are the types of throws only a player like Brett Favre can make. As long as Favre is content to hand the ball off to Adrian Peterson and only throw when it’s necessary, Childress’ move looks like worthwhile. Granted, Vikings opponents want to take Peterson away, meaning there will be a little more pressure on Favre if they succeed.

But as long as he’s capable of making throws like this, the Vikings — and Brad Childress — looked like they made the correct move to wait for Favre; despite the “will he/won’t he” stuff that drove everyone crazy.